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                         Shawn Nelson Acting
                   Winter 2023 - 2024
60 Minute FaceTime / Zoom Session with Shawn
45 Minute FaceTime / Zoom / Skype Session with Shawn
30 Minute FaceTime / Zoom / Skype Session with Shawn
15 Minute FaceTime / Zoom / Skype Session with Shawn - For Return Clients ONLY via this website!
Shawn Nelson
                       FaceTime, Zoom
                         with Shawn !
                        Convenient -  Effective  

Zoom or FaceTime is a huge resource for the actor! If you are an actor, an actress, a director, or even aspiring to be, you will find a consultation with Shawn enormously valuable. 

Most initial auditions, now - and going forward - will be filmed submissions. In fact, in some markets, even callbacks are now either a live Zoom or a second filmed audition submission. 

Shawn is not only an experienced film acting coach, but he specializes in dramatic and audition theory - how we think about our work, and how we accomplish the most effective and truthful work!                                 

It isn't expensive to coach with Shawn before you film your   audition...but it may be the best investment in yourself you'll make       in your career.  

Because of his extensive experience and success in guiding and helping actors, writers and directors learn the secrets of fine film acting.

Zoom and FaceTime are now the two most productive and accessible tools in the global economy. Face to face, eye to eye, friend to friend, colleague to colleague, the contact is real, noninvasive and ever-improving.