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    On the set of National Treasure II, working with Diane Kruger. Photo by Diane Kruger

                            Film Acting 

   SHAWN NELSON consults with stars and working actors worldwide. He is a member of the Directors Guild of America, SAG-AFTRA, and Actors Equity Association. He has taught film acting at Arizona State University, at the University of Southern California, as a regular guest at Pasadena City College, and has been a guest instructor for directing students at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff; at Liberty University Center for Cinematic Arts, and at the Sedona Film School
  Shawn has performed and directed for the stage and for prime-time television. Among his better-known clients is twice Emmy winning actress Sela Ward.  As an actor, director, screenwriter and teacher, Shawn has participated in and taught all aspects of performance.

                                              Thank you Sela, for the incredibly generous mention   
                                       in your acceptance speech! Also nominated that year: Edie Falco                                            Amy Brenneman, Julianne Margulies and Lorraine Bracco!
 "I do a lot of coaching on Zoom and Face Time now. It allows for a private and creative  work  environment , where I get to see the work just as it will appear in your audition submission . Working on line is a great  way to prepare for an audition, and my colleagues find it an amazing resource."
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"Confidence is what comes when you know what you are doing - and when you are certain that you know what you are doing. It doesn't come from unsupported ego-building. Confidence is born and raised in specific knowledge, not in well-intentioned guesswork."    
hawn Nelson

 "Generality is the enemy of all art."  Constantin Stanislavski

Shawn has been fortunate to work with some of Hollywood's elite talent, including  two time Emmy Award-winning actress Sela Ward,  film and television star Nikki Reed , Eva LongoriaTamara Taylor,  Diane Kruger,  Lena Headey,  Lennie JamesCameron Monaghan and film and television stars Lee Purcell,  and General Hospital's Rebecca Budig 

Shawn's been around, to be sure. Among the many actors Shawn has had the honor of coaching are actress Olivia Wilde, actor/director Tony Goldwyn, Michael VartanMatthew Fox, Laz Alonzo, Amanda Bynes, Kerr Smith and Meredith Monroe, Adir Kalyan, Efrin Ramirez, and the legendary Ann Margaret, Nastassia Kinski, Eric Estrada, Jayne Meadows-Allen, actress and supermodel Kathy Ireland, country music star and actor Billy Ray Cyrus, superstar vocalists Gene Simmons, Huey Lewis, Carol Lawrence, Marilyn McCoo, Frankie Valli, and Days Of Our Lives' Alison Sweeney