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       Shawn Nelson Acting
         Spring / Summer 2021
60 Minute FaceTime / Zoom / Skype Session with Shawn
45 Minute FaceTime / Zoom / Skype Session with Shawn
30 Minute FaceTime / Zoom / Skype Session with Shawn
15 Minute FaceTime / Zoom / Skype Session with Shawn - For Return Clients ONLY via this website!
                  FaceTime, Zoom, Skype,                                   or WhatsApp
                         with Shawn !
             Very Convenient - Very Effective

Skype or Face Time is a huge resource for the actor and director. If you are an actor/actress, director, writer - or aspiring to be any or all of these, he would love to hear your thoughts. Just click the link BELOW and leave your message. We'll get back to you right away!                                  

It isn't expensive to coach with Shawn before you film your   audition...but it may be the best investment in yourself you'll make       in your career.  

Because of his extensive experience and success in guiding and helping actors, writers and directors learn the secrets of dramatic   communication and performance! 

Coaching via Skype or Face Time is an amazingly effective way of coaching. The product I see while coaching you is the very same product you present to casting associates, directors and producers! You will find it fun, immediately empowering and very affordable. 
Skype and Face Time are now two of the most productive and accessible tools in the global economy. Face to face - eye to eye, friend to friend, colleague to colleague, the contact is real, noninvasive and ever-improving. 

Whether consulting on your career, coaching for an upcoming audition, or sharpening your skills in one of Shawn's trademark on-camera tutorials - you will find working with Shawn Nelson on Skype or Face Time is fun, productive and very affordable. The process is so effective because Shawn can see you just as you will appear when you read for casting or production associates - in person or on digital media.  

* If you are preparing to direct a play or film Shawn will discuss the material and your thoughts on directing the actors, going forward.

* If you are writing a script or screenplay Shawn will discuss with you how you want the material to be perceived.

* If you are preparing for an audition Shawn will discuss with you how your character fits into the framework of the play, and how you can best actualize your performance!

To set up your personal Skype session with Shawn, email us at, tell us the time you would like to have your on-line session, and your request will be processed as quickly as possible and the Skype session set up by email. Once your payment is processed through PayPal,  you will be emailed the Skype or Face Time contact information and that's it!